Cheeba’s approach to both her work and personal life is rooted in her deeply empathetic & compassionate nature and is trauma & behaviour informed from a psychoneural perspective. 


Her most important role in life is as a mother to three sons; two living and one dead.  


To Death & Grief work she brings:  


  • 30 yrs of diverse experience in ritual and ceremonial practice as both a participant and facilitator   

  • 18 yrs experience as a Hatha Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist (5 yrs)

  • 17 yrs as a Children’s Yoga teacher 

  • 15 yrs in-depth experience in Vedic and pre-Vedic studies  

  • A solid understanding of the anatomy and function of the mind-body phenomenon from both Eastern and Western perspectives  

  • In-home Hospice volunteer experience 

  • Experience in the field of Social Work  




  • Community-centred Deathcare (includes Death Doula training, post-death body care & home funerals and grief support)  

  • Children's Grief  & Bereavement

  • Embodied Movement  

  • Yoga Therapy  

  • Classical Hatha Yoga  

  • Children’s Yoga  

  • Ayurveda   

  • Pranic Healing  

  • Clinical Herbalism  


Personal experience that influences her work includes:  


  • 30 yrs of deep consciousness exploration by way of theoretical & practical study of various schools of Eastern Mysticism and sacred plant medicines  

  • Grief rituals   

  • Explorations in Ancestral Medicine   

  • In depth study of the principle of the Divine Feminine and related practices 

  • Carrier of The Staff of Women’s Leadership aka Sisterhood of the Staffs (Maya ceremonial initiation to mark the shift from Patriarchal rule to Feminine leadership)  

  • Vocal and other forms of sound therapy  

  • A longstanding Sadhana (spiritual practice) with a focus on devotion to the Cosmic Mother  

  • A lifetime of perennial learning from her supreme teachers, Death and Grief