Community Workshops


Home Funeral Course

A 2 Day event in which we discuss and practice caring for the dead in our own loving way.  We will take you through the legal requirements of caring for your dead and the importance this work is to your community.  We weave in rituals and ceremonies along with hands on experience to ensure that your confidence matches the love you have for this important life event.


Community Deathcare Overview

An evening of education and discussion about Deathcare and your options in Ontario.  We touch on numerous areas of deathcare including legal rights, preparation, experiences and options and of course, how to have tough conversations.

This event is free.


Writing a Eulogy

This is an practical workshop on learning how to write a eulogy.  We will take you through the important elements of what a Eulogy should have, what to probably leave out and how to ensure you are encapsulating who tour loved one is.

This event is free.

Our goal is to ensure that our workshops are accessible to all and that any fees simply cover our costs to create these events for you.