The Death Shālā


Home Funeral Practicum

We can take you through the logistics of what a do it yourself funeral could look like in Ontario.  We will navigate through your options and help you prepare for adding this to your advanced planning.

Flowers & Candle


Would you like someone to help you arrange your home funeral?  To help you navigate your options and help guide you thru the service?  We support your community from end of life onward. We are also Certified Celebrants to help you deliver a meaningful eulogy.

Image by Daan Stevens

Funeral Celebrant

We have been certified by the Certified Celebrants of Canada and offer families personalized and meaningful eulogies for those wishing for services at home or alternative gatherings.  

We could make our way of dying into our way of person making.  Every death that precedes our own could be our school, our initiation hut, every dying person and every witness our fierce teacher. Our own death could be that for everyone who attends it and hears about it, if it is messy enough to give everybody lots to do. - Stephen Jenkinson