Grief Ritual Convergence

May 14 - 16, 2021

Mono, Ontario

“Communal grieving offers something that we cannot get when we grieve by ourselves. Through validation, acknowledgement and witnessing, communal grieving allows us to experience a level of healing that is deeply and profoundly freeing. Each of us has a basic human right to that genuine love, happiness and freedom.”

Sobonfu Some 

Join us in co-creating a village that serves to cradle our individual and collective grief. Together, we will relearn how to be fully present with our sorrows and all they offer through their many manifestations.  


By immersing ourselves in writing, sound, movement and ritual we will support and enable an excavation that reveals the bare bones of our grief and creates space for their nurturing. 


Grieving together will help us to validate grief as facets of our individual and collective selves and to experience its transformational power.  


Our approach to the undertaking of collective grieving is inspired by the works of Joanna Macy, Malidoma Some, Sobonfu Some, Francis Weller and Martín Prechtel.  We humbly honour them for all that they provide to humanity through the gifts of their wisdom and noble efforts.  

Cost (includes meals and private accommodations)

Early Registration: $475 before March 1, 2021

$550 after April 15, 2021

spaces are limited