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We are a community based organization that engages and empowers individuals to reclaim their deathcare.  But, what does that mean?  We are focused on ensuring you know exactly what that means from a legal perspective to small moments of celebration and honourings.
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A list of service providers that suit you are hard to find!  Providers that could be useful to you include: End of Life Planners, Financial/Legal Services, Bodywork professionals, Grief Support Workers (Adult & Children), Funeral Celebrants, Natural Burial Service Providers, etc.



We work with your providers to help educated them on what our death options are.  We are educating, planning and proposing new options to each of them to ensure that you are fully informed no matter the channel you choose.  Mention us to your Insurance Organization - we are always looking to educate.

We bring together a community of care providers who are passionate about changing and shaping the way we care for the dying and their families.  While there are so many different services that this includes, here are a few to get you started.